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message notes

Welcome to Westminster Baptist Church (WBC). We’re so glad you have chosen to worship with us today. If you are a guest, we extend a very special welcome to you and hope that you will find WBC a place to belong in God’s family. Join us as we explore what it means to be a church. Today we continue our look at the function of the church, Evangelism. We invite you to join us each week to gain a better understanding of the reality what God’s Word says about being a church. Our prayer is that you will find WBC a place where you find unity with others while expecting greatness from God’s Word and expressing Gratitude daily. Blessings to you, Pastor Dave. 

Notes from today's message

Dave West | Interim Pastor


Evangelism In The Real World 

Acts 11 

1. The R_______________ of Evangelism 

a) S___________ those who do not know 

• We cannot remain in our ___________ _________ and expect _____________ _______________ 

• Individuals who need to know usually do not find themselves in a c___________ b______________ 

b) S____________ in the life of others 

• Be the l________ of the p_________ 

• Be e__________ about what God has done for you 

• Be w_____________ to speak into the life of o____________ 

c) S___________ the good news 

• Be a part of the s_______________ 

• Be o______________ to God’s timing 

• Be d______________ on the Holy Spirit 

2. The R_______________ of Evangelism 

a) L_____________ 

b) S_____________ 

c) N_____________ 

d) G_____________ 

3. The R_______________ of Evangelism 

a) To make d_____________________ 

b) To grow the K__________________ 

c) To expand the m________________ 

d) To increase f____________________ 

e) To e______________________ others 

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