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message notes

Welcome to Westminster Baptist Church (WBC) this wonderful Sunday morning. We’re so glad you have chosen to worship with us.

Today we honor our Fathers. If you are a father, we want to express our gratitude to you. Fathers are the foundation of our families. Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

If you are a guest, we extend a very special welcome to you and hope that you will find WBC a place to belong in God’s family. Our prayer is that you will find encouragement from God’s Word. Please be sure to stop by CONNECT CENTRAL after the service to visit with us and say hello.

Blessings to you, Pastor Dave.

Notes from this week's message - June 16, 2019

Dave West | Interim Pastor

The Famous Father

Romans 8:38-39

1. A Famous Father L_______________ HIS CHILDREN

2. A Famous Father I_______________ HIS CHILDREN

3. A Famous Father D_______________ HIS CHILDREN

4. How to be a Famous Father

• Love G_______________

• Love your W_______________

• Love your C_______________

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