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Dorcas Ministries

Sanctity of Life

Support North American Missions with a Generous Gift! 

Week of Prayer - March 7-14 

Dorcas Ministries focus on a different ministry each month. We need your help to provide gifts and donations. The Dorcas Group will meet on Tuesday, September 29 at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall of the church. We will be organizing prisoner packets at this meeting. Anyone interested in being part of the missions of the church is welcome! Contact Dianne for more information.


Samaritan’s Purse — Children around the world watch for these red and green boxes at Christmas time. We will have empty boxes available October 11, so start purchasing those socks, school supplies, and small toys now! More info about packing a box

Filled boxes due by Nov 15


Toys for Tots — This ministry, organized by the Marine Corps, helps parents provide Christmas for their kids. New, unwrapped toys will be collected beginning in November.

Due early Dec


Seafarer’s ministry — It's cold in the North Atlantic! In support of the Seafarers Ministry we send caps to help keep the sailors warm. If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, please help make caps (here's how). Not very crafty? You can also give skeins of yarn for others to make the caps!

From now until Jan 10


Sanctity of LifeFoothills Care Center is our focus in January. Watch for more info


Prayer Shawls — These are given to people who need a little comfort. Want to make one? Patterns

Preemie Caps — Newborn babies need to stay warm! A cap on their tiny heads helps their bodies retain heat. We give these to the NICU in Greenville. Patterns