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The life, death, resurrection of Jesus changes everything! Jesus’ Life Story brings Hope, Meaning, and Life to every part of human existence. Why then do many believers struggle to see how their faith brings hope, purpose, and true life to their everyday life story? This new series: Life on Mission will confront this challenge and guide us to connect faith in Jesus with all of life, whether that be tending a garden, going to school, caring for children (grandchildren), or negotiating a business deal.

02/25 Luke 17 

Life on Mission - The Journey

03/03 Luke 24

Life on Mission - Can You See Who Walks With You?

03/10 Gensis 1-2

Life on Mission - God's Original Intent


Life on Mission - Ordinary People


Life on Mission - Life to the Fullest


Life on Mission - Mission Complete


Life on Mission - The Journey Begins


Life on Mission - Never Journey Alone


Life on Mission - A Journey of Engagement


Life on Mission - Living in Exile