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Message Series


Sunday, April 2 God's Signature of Mercy

Genesis 9:1-17

Sunday, April 9 Living Hope - Easter Sunday

Matthew 8:1-28

Sunday, April 17 Sin Rages On

Genesis 9:18-29

Sunday, April 23 Many Nations Under God

Genesis 10

Sunday, April 30 The Tower that Fell

Genesis 11

In this series, "Rising Waters," we will hear the grieving heart of God due to the debase sin natured revealed in mankind. Ever since the sin of Adam and Eve, humanity has been on a downward spiral. They ignore God's commandments, rebel against His good desire for them, resent God's leadership in their lives, as they trample on His plan for relationship. God brings a universal flood as judgment on sinful humanity, but once again demonstrates His Grace as He highlights one man's faithful obedience.  

Sunday, February 5 Deep Dive into Depravity

Genesis 6: 1-3

Sunday, February 12 Deep Dive into Depravity, Yet Grace

Genesis 6: 4-9

Sunday, February 26 Lessons from a Leader

Genesis 6: 8-22

Sunday, March 5 The Ark Noak Built

Genesis 6:11-22

Sunday, March 12 All Aboard

Genesis 7:1-24

Sunday, March 19 How God Remembered Noah

Genesis 8:1-17

Sunday, March 19 How Noah Remembered God

Genesis 8:18-22