"Peacemakers in an Agitator World" - Learn how to model the life of a peacemaker-- Join us this Sunday

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The Bride of Christ, His Church, is called to live in Peace so that we can lead people to the Prince of Peace! Living within a world wrapped in hatred, anger, animosity, and self-centered pride, how is the church to model the life of a peacemaker?

There has been an unspoken taboo in the church that says we are not to question God – that our questioning demonstrates a lack of faith. At times it may, however, some of the most penetrating questions come from the individuals of scripture that wrestle with what’s happening in their world and ask, "What's happening -Where are you God?" Pastor David in this new series: Confident Living for Confusing Times, turns to an often forgotten “Minor Prophet” who has a Major Message from God. Come join us as we investigate how Habakkuk questioned God’s approach but learned to walk by faith – trusting in the character of God. Learn with us that God is not afraid, intimidated, or angry over your question(s) when we seek to truly know Him! 

As disciples of Jesus, we are to follow His ways, learn of His truth, so we can lead others to Him. Examining Jesus life, as we follow, learn, and lead, it is apparent that Jesus' first disciples recognize the importance of prayer emanating from their Master's life. It was so apparent they asked Jesus' to teach them how to pray. This series looks at the various expressions of Jesus prayer practice. If our Master prayed, then so must we learn to yearn to pray! 

Do you have a dream? Not those night time happenings that come upon you involuntarily during a certain stage of sleep. The kind of dream defined as "a condition or achievement that is longed for, to which it has become an aspiration." Is it such a dream that it can answer this question: What are you pursuing in your life, your family, and your church that has eternal ramifications? Join us as we begin a new series - Kingdom Pursuits. 

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The Great I Am Message Series

When someone says, "I am…," it reveals something about their identity. For example: I am a lawyer. I am a housewife. I am a teacher. I am a student -- You get the idea. So when Jesus declares, "I Am…," we should lean in and listen closely. He is allowing us a glimpse into His glorious nature. Please grab your Bible and notebook and let's lean into God's Word as we listen to the Great I Am revealed in the Gospel of John. 

As we begin a New Year, what do you think will grab, captivate, demand your attention? Are you currently held captive by the pressures, demands, and busyness of your schedule - feeling ruled and reigned by the calendar? Just pause and name the various "overloads" that encompass your life. Through it all, can you access or clarify one driving purpose that brings simplicity and significance to your life? Is it sustainable? If not, come join us as we learn from our Savior how to possess a Life Simplified!

As we enjoy Advent this year, let us take the time to ponder God's Gifts. It is so easy to get all wrapped up (pun intended) in the activity of the season that we miss the magnitude of God's love in how He presented His most cherished gift, His Son, Jesus. This Christmas season, let's spend some moments reflecting on the significance that surround our Savior's birth. 

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