what's happening

On August 3, members of OUR CHURCH FAMILY connected with a meal and evening fellowship. We welcome members and visitors alike as we connect each month.
We are "packing" for The Journey as we pray for God's presence and leadership. Please don't miss out on a single opportunity to experience the adventure of walking with God on this journey together at WBC. It is all for God's Glory in our story!

Prayer Requests

  1. Matthew 5:13-14 says that we’re to be the salt and light of the world. Pray that we will apply this verse and be a positive influence in today’s world by being morally upright and sharing the message of Jesus.
  2. If Jesus needed to be with God, He withdrew and prayed, but when He was with people He was with them. He paid attention. He saw them. Pray that we will notice those around us and give them the attention they need. LOVE gets people’s attention.
  3. VBS is just around the corner, June 19-22. Be in prayer for our children and our workers
  4. Lift up in prayer our pastors, Pastor David and Mr C. Also remember in prayer their families
Look for a new schedule to immerse yourself daily in God's Word beginning January 1.

Are You Ready!?

A new group of readings, using the Reading for Life Change guide, will begin on January 1. Click on the button below to see the 2023 Bible Reading Guide for the Old and New Testatments.

As you reflect on what the Lord has revealed to you, please consider who is someone you can SPAR with. It's simple--just ask someone to partner with you as you read and reflect on God's message to you. If you need help finding someone to SPAR with you, contact Pastor David.

S: Scripture - Current life Story 

P: Person of God and/or His Promises revealed 

A: Application gleaned from the text 

R: Personal Response of Obedience to God